2010 Spartans Highlight Video

The Spartans 2010 season: 11-2. Big Ten Champions. Overtime win vs. Notre Dame. Third consecutive win vs. Michigan. Come-from-behind wins vs. Purdue and Northwestern. Coach D. survived a heart attack, and returned to coach.

It was a great season.

All-Time Winningest College Football Programs.

Going back 140 years (through 2010), and using the NCAA as the source, here are the top 10 schools and the percentage of winning games:

1. Michigan  73.453%

2. Notre Dame  73.266%

3. Texas  71.730%

4. Oklahoma  71.704%

5. Ohio State  71.562%

6. Alabama  70.747%

7. Southern Cal  70.496%

8. Nebraska  70.131%

9. Tennessee  68.993%

10. Penn State  68.940%

Note that this list already takes in to account Ohio State vacating it’s 11 wins in 2010.

Four of the top 10 are B1G schools now including Nebraska.  I like that. The University of Michigan is number one.  I hate that. I’m a Michigan State University grad, and always hated Michigan football growing up.  For the record, my MSU Spartans came in #29 at 59.145%.

If you want to see the big list, click here.

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College football kicks off in a month!  I’m fired up for the 2011 Spartans.  Who’s with me?