New NCAA Kickoff Rules for 2012.

In an effort to reduce injuries on kick-off returns, the NCAA is moving kickoffs from the 30-yard line to the 35, and the running start for the kickoff team will be limited to five yards. Lastly, touchbacks will now be spotted at the 25-yard line instead of the 20.

I don’t think I have a strong opinion one way or the other on this one. I don’t think it will negatively impact games, and if fewer players get concussions or other injuries, then it’s a good thing.

What do you think?

Michigan State 58, Ohio State 48. That felt good.

Beating Michigan is oh so sweet, but beating Ohio State isn’t bad either.  They’ve got a heck of basketball team this year, so beating them 58-48 in their house is quite a feat.  And it broke the second longest home winning streak in the NCAA.  Way to go Spartans.

Now, if we can beat this guy next year in Football, I’ll probably go nuts.

He’s pretty creepy.  Nice Nike sweatshirt with black pleated trousers.  What is this, the SEC?

All-Time Winningest College Football Programs – 2012 Update

Using the NCAA as the source, here are the top 10 college football progams based solely on the percentage of winning games:

1. Michigan  73.570%

2. Notre Dame  73.138%

3. Oklahoma  71.761%

4. Texas  71.622%

5. Ohio State  71.375%

6. Alabama  70.986%

7. Southern Cal  70.270%

8. Nebraska  70.121%

9. Penn State  68.940%

10. Tennessee  68.719%

A couple of switcheroos here.  Oklahoma and Texas flopped at numbers three and four, and Penn State and Tennessee flopped at numbers nine and 10.

Four of the top 10 are B1G schools.  I like that. The University of Michigan is number one.  I hate that. I’m a Michigan State University grad, and always hated Michigan football growing up.  For the record, my MSU Spartans came in #28 at 59.389%.

If you want to see the big list, click here.

Michigan State 64, Michigan 54. Way to go Spartans!

I know it’s not football, but I love it when #10 Michigan State beats #22 Michigan. It’s the best. And this was was a thumping. If only Shoelace could have been there to enjoy it.

Breslin was rocking. The Spartans played well. What a fun game for me.

Draymond Green wrote a check that apparently he could cash. And he out-rebounded the Wolverines all by himself. Nice.

We could see the boys from Ann Arbor in the B1G tournament, so maybe we’ll do this dance one more time.

Way to go Spartans. Awesome win today.

Go Green!

Spartan 2012 Recruiting Class. I’m fired up. Go Green!

Signed Letter of Intent
Name Pos Ht/Wt Stars Rank
Riley Bullough LB 6-2/205 52
Aaron Burbridge WR 6-1/175 16
Demetrious Cox DB 6-1/192 13
Jermaine Edmondson DB 6-1/170 NR
David Fennell DT 6-3/274 NR
Zach Higgins OL 6-5/305 69
Evan Jones TE 6-6/240 NR
Kyle Kerrick WR 6-3/183 NR
Kodi Kieler OL 6-6/305 NR
Macgarrett Kings Jr. WR 5-11/178 86
Jamal Lyles DE 6-3/215 18
Benny McGowan OL 6-4/290 40
Mark Meyers DB 6-0/180 NR
Tyler O’Connor QB 6-3/202 18
Josiah Price TE 6-5/239 19
Ezra Robinson DB 6-0/174 52
Nick Tompkins RB 5-10/185 11
Committed/Not Yet Signed
Name Pos Ht/Wt Stars Rank
Monty Madaris WR 6-2/190 54