And I thought I hated Michigan…

From Off Tackle Empire…

Really, I’m glad you think you’re ‘back’. Back to your hubris wrapped around three layers of ignorant jackassery, back to your over-inflated perception of your program, and back to being more over rated than the most recentAmerican Idol winner. Because when it all comes crashing down, it will be all the more fun to watch. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Why? Because I hate you, Michigan. I hate your team, your colors, that ridiculous helmet, your stadium, your coaches, your players, your band, and your cheerleaders. You are my college football Taliban, wrapped in an al Qaeda Pita roll, and sprinkled with a heavy does of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spices. I wish you nothing but painful losing and misery from now until the end of time.

Fuck Michigan. Forever and ever. Amen.

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Enjoy. I certainly did.

My $.02 on Denard Robinson.

Michigan will be exciting to watch and they will win games because of this guy:

Michigan will screw up horribly and they will lose games because of this guy:

How can that be? How can Shoelace be the hero and the zero at the same time? It’s really quite simple: He’s not a quarterback yet he plays one on TV every Saturday. The fact that he accomplishes what he does in a position he’s not suited for is a testament to his amazing athletic ability and pure will to win.

Let’s look at 2011…

Awesomely Awesome Denard – The Notre Dame game was an example of Robinson picking up his team and carrying them to victory. He was a man possessed. He never gave up. Technically speaking, he can’t throw the ball. Look at Robinson’s stats as a QB: 11 of 24 passing / 338 yards / 14.1 average / 4 TDs / 3 interceptions. If you ignore the four touchdowns, pretty dang piss-poor. And three interceptions, but ND had two so the net-net is only one. Now look at his stats on the ground: 16 carries / 108 yards / 6.8 average / 1 TD. Good stats for a tailback; excellent stats for a QB. But WTF, Shoelace SCORED FIVE TIMES. The last one off a fumble on the one yard line was lucky as shit, but still, you’ve got to be amazed. Four passing TDs with those lame stats.

Awfully Awful Denard – The Michigan State game was an example of Robinson shitting the bed and then tucking his team in goodnight. It was that bad. As a QB: 9 of 24 passing / 123 yards / 5.1 average / 1 TD / 1 interception. That’s weak. Nine of 24? Ouch. And on the ground: 18 carries / 42 yards / 2.3 average / 1 TD. Actually, for a QB those are pretty typical rushing stats, but they are piss-poor for Robinson. So, Denard completes 27% of his passes, throws a pick-six and rushes for only 42 yards… that was the end of the Heisman chatter around old Shoelace. He was soiled physically and statistically at game’s end.

Coach Hoke is going to let Robinson play the role of QB one more year. They say he’s a leader. Okay.

For one more year there will be amaza-crazy scrambles, dynamic runs, insane hand-punts for big yards and how’d-he’do’that plays that win games against average defenses. There will be Heisman talk and there will be B1G and BCS Championship talk.

But don’t kid yourself, it will be S.O.S.

Same Old Shoelace.

For one more year there will be blitz panic, incredibly bad decision making, throw-it-up-and-see-what-happens passing, luck-runs-out interceptions, an quasi-injury every game in the second half of the season, and for Bo’s sake, learn how to tie your shoes. Here’s the deal, really good defenses can shut down his running which forces him to be a real QB and actually throw the ball. He’s a 55% passer with 15 picks.

Michigan, Robinson is not your savior. He’ll lift you just high enough so that it really hurts when he let’s you fall. I know, maybe it will be different this year?

dot-dot-dot. dash-dash-dash. dot-dot-dot.

Michigan State vs. Michigan Through The Decades

My Michigan State Spartans are riding a four-year winning streak versus the Michigan Wolverines. That’s an amazing feat that MSU has only done three times previously: 1934-1937, 1950-1953, and 1959-1962.  Since I was born in 1967, this is all new territory for me and I’m loving it.

State fans are happy and they deserve to be happy. Coach Dantonio has flushed the S.O.S. routine down the crapper ending the dark period known as the Williams and Smith eras. Dantonio is building a program. A program we can believe in and we can be proud of. Not every season is going to be an 11-win season, and we’re certainly not going to beat Michigan every year either, but we will represent. A game against Spartans will not be taken lightly.

Michigan’s coaches and players don’t take the in-state rivalry lightly. Look at Coach Hoke’s comments earlier this week and it’s clear that this is an important match-up for him, his team and the university. No ill-fated Mike Hart jive here, he’s saying this game is important and they need to win it. Hoke’s only Michigan State – Michigan game was a beat-down. Maybe not from a scoring standpoint as MSU only won by two TDs, but as a pure physical match-up it was no contest. The Spartans hit ’em hard and the Wolverines never hit back. Dirty? Nope, it’s football. Raw? Yes. Unnecessary? Many times. Effective? Hells yes.

You know you’ve made progress when Michigan’s online fan-base resorts to responses like “Yeah, you’ve got four in a row. Call me when you get another thirty and then I’ll be impressed”. They are clearly off their game. They’ve got very little to say so they’re going with history. Not bad, Michigan is the all-time winningest football program. I love that this is where the conversation has gone.

But they are right, in a way. The all-time record is 30 MSU and 52 UofM (plus four ties) as varsity teams (equivalent to Division I-A). That’s 86 games since 1918, so this sucker goes back a while. If you include the games when MSU was considered a Junior Varsity team, the record worsens for the Spartans to MSU 32, UofM 67 (plus six ties).

Did you know that Michigan would only play Michigan State in Ann Arbor for the the first 30 years that they played each other. Yep, from 1918 until 1948, the game was a Home Game for the Wolverines. I wonder if Michigan would be willing to play the next thirty games at Spartan Stadium just to even things up a bit?

Here’s how it breaks down through the decades for MSU–UofM:

When I look at this table, what is very clear is that the Spartans dominated in the ’50s and ’60s and then shit the bed in the ’70s and ’80s. The really unfortunate part of that is that I grew up in Michigan int he 1970s and 1980s meaning that from the time I was three until I was 23, the Spartans only beat the Wolverines three times. Ouch. No wonder every Tom, Dick and Harry in the mitten state is a Michigan fan.

I’m also reminded that MSU only beat UofM one time during my time in East Lansing: 1987 during our Rose Bowl winning season. How sweet that was.

Lastly, looking at the all-time average score for this game, it’s actually been pretty close: 14.5 MSU, 21 Michigan. With all the Hail-ing and Victor-ing, it’s kind of been lost that it’s a one-score game historically speaking.

Michigan State and Michigan will both be in the Top 25 pre-season rankings and they are figured to be the favorites in the Legends division. I hope that the Spartans are awesome this year with a killer defense and born-again offense. I hope we win 11 games again and go the B1G Championship game again. But what I really, really want deep in my heart is to show up at the Big House on 10/20/12 and do it one more time.

Go Green!