Roushar’s Gone, But Who’s Next?


There was a lot of debate and concern over Michigan State’s offense in 2012. Play-calling was a big part of it, but also the ability to execute. Dan Roushar’s head was being called for from many of the more vocal Spartan fanatics. Basically, they got their wish. Roushar is off to the New Orleans Saints as a running backs coach.

So, where do we go from here?

Promote from within – I like that Coach Dantonio promotes from within as it shows loyalty and confidence in his staff and it’s a component of his “build a program” approach. Two years ago when Don Treadwell (whom I thought was excellent) left to take the Head Coach spot at Miami (Ohio), Roushar was promoted to the OC spot. This time, speculation is that either Dave Warner (QB Coach) or Brad Salem (Running Backs Coach/Recruiting Coordinator) will get the nod. I like that these guys are known entities and they know the system, the players, Coach D., the University, the B1G, etc. But is this also a recipe for more of the same when it seemed clear that MSU could use some fresh thinking on offense?

Hire from outside – Does State need to change with the times? I don’t know. I’ve heard rumblings about bringing in an OC from the NFL, but wouldn’t that be more of the same in terms of a pro-style offense? Should the Spartans snatch an OC or even a Head Coach from a lesser-division who has put together a killer offense like maybe Toledo or Boise State. I would like to see some more variety. I would like for MSU to be harder to defend against. Frankly, we must have more production or we’re dead in B1G water. Maybe some fresh blood is exactly what we need?

Whichever way Coach Dantonio goes, he’s got to move pretty quickly. Spring practice is right around the corner and it would be a huge mistake not to have an OC in place by then.

I bet an announcement is made in the next week… just my gut.

Go Green!


All-Time Winningest College Football Programs – 2012 Season Update

The 2012 season is in the books so it’s time to look at the all-time winningest college football programs. Using the NCAA as the source, here are the top 10 college football progams based solely on the percentage of winning games:

1. Michigan  73.445%

2. Notre Dame  73.344%

3. Oklahoma  71.817%

4. Ohio State  71.600%

5. Texas  71.596%

6. Alabama  71.243%

7. Nebraska  70.136%

8. Southern Cal  70.086%

9. Tennessee  68.449%

10. Florida State  66.779%

A couple of switcheroos here.  Ohio State jumped over Texas at numbers four and five (that’s the second year in a row that Texas has dropped a spot) and Nebraska jumped USC at seven and eight. Is it just me or is Notre Dame nipping at Michigan’s heels?

Three of the top 10 are B1G schools, two of which moved up one spot this year.  For the record, my MSU Spartans remain at #28 at 59.325%.

If you want to see the big list, click here.

Please just stop. Please.

Screen Shot 2012-07-23 at 5.23.11 PM

To the Paternos, please stop this. You are re-opening a wound that was really healing very nicely. America was talking about Penn State football, not Penn State child rapists. So sad.

Commissioning your own report to refute the report commissioned by Penn State doesn’t help anyone. It doesn’t prove Joe Paterno was innocent of any wrong-doing. It’s hardly credible since it’s on your dime. It’s self-serving and it’s doing damage to Penn State, the alumni, the students, the faculty and the athletes. It’s also further damaging the Paterno name.

Please just stop.