Notre Dame Loses QB Golson.

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Looks like Everett Golson is no longer a student at Notre Dame, so what does that mean for the Fighting Irish heading in to the 2013 season?

Five-star QB Gunner Kiel would possibly be the go-to but he left ND to transfer to Cinci last month.

Then we end up back with Tommy Rees. Rees has talent and he has experience. He’s thrown 34 TDs. And 24 picks! Didn’t he through four in a half once? I would much rather have the Spartans face Tommy than Everett, that much I know. Our defense will pressure Rees and he’ll throw picks like he has in the past. And his run threat is near nil.

Why is Golson gone? Nobody is really saying but it seems to either be grades or some kind of campus violation. Where will he go? I’m sure we’ll learn more in the coming days and weeks.

Tough time for Kelly. I wonder if we will see the red-faced, vein-poppin’, swearin’, screamin’-demon of an a-hole Kelly this year with Rees under center again? That was something.