Hail to the Felons.

Michigan fans love to call Michigan State athletes thugs, bullies, druggies, idiots, etc. They feel they have some kind of righteous high ground because “Michigan Men” are all class, honesty and integrity. I’ve always known this was bullshit.

Case in point:

NCAA FOOTBALL: NOV 02 Michigan at Michigan State

Taylor Lewan is expected to be arraigned May 19th on one count of aggravated assault and two counts of assault and battery stemming from a December incident. And this isn’t T-Dogs first run-in with the law, but he’s such a nice boy with his tandem bike and mustache finger tattoo.


Mitch McGary failed his drug test after testing positive for marijuana and instead sitting out a year from a NCAA one-year suspension, he’s just going to go ahead and go pro. Surprisingly good decision making skills from the guy who claims to have smoked pot one time and got caught by the NCAA.

Who’s the thug / bully and who’s the druggy / idiot? Fine athletes? Yes. Outstanding even. Hypocritical A-holes that make stupid decisions and get caught? Yes, absolutely.

Ah, such fine Michigan Men. Yes Wolverine fanatics, you should feel superior with such fine examples leaving Ann Arbor and taking their message out in to the world.

Hail to the Victors Felons.

I’m just glad that is over.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 5.23.39 PM

Malik McDowell and his mother have signed his letter of intent, so he is now officially a Spartan. Good for him for sticking to his guns and not succumbing to pressure.

Coach Dantonio says we’ll see Malik on the field this year, so that’s exciting.

Congrats Malik. I hope you love Michigan State and I also hope your Mom comes around.