Vote for the 2014 Student Section T-Shirt.

The 2013 T-shirt was great.  Green. Bold. And I liked the “Spartans Stand Together.” message.

For 2014, we’re looking at white shirts and no real line or message. I like white T-shirts so no issue there. And the white will jump out more in the crowd then the dark green does.

I will admit that I kind of miss having a snappy line on there. Last year’s was great and it really spoke to the core strength of the team which was the belief that together they could win. In 2012 the line was “Fear The Spartans.” which was confident (read cocky) but ultimately fell flat when your record is 7-6. I would have liked “Spartans Never Stop.” this year, I think that would have been fitting.

Anyway, here are the options. What do you think?


Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 9.49.49 AM


Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 9.50.02 AM

Make sure you vote for your favorite front and back design HERE.

My vote is Option 1 for the Front and Option 2 for the Back. And yes, I will be ordering one. Got to represent!


Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 9.14.25 AM

Hail to the Felons, Part #2.


I’m really surprised this story has not garnered more coverage than it has. You have a major university which believes it is superior to it’s B1G brethren scholastically, athletically, hell, even morally. Then you have a scholarship athlete that allegedly rapes a fellow student-athlete in 2009 only to be expelled for the incident in five years later.

Brendan Gibbons, you are one lucky sombitch.

This thing went on so long it spans two coaches. Why did it take five years to decide Gibbons had 50.1% committed rape on a fellow student? Well, let’s see… how may years of eligibility does a NCAA football player get? Even sites like MGoBlog are embarrassed and outraged by the handling of this crime.

Why did Coach Hoke cover for him citing “family issues” when he was aware that his player was being expelled? That’s what he did on Dec. 23 prior  to Michigan’s bowl beat-down at the hands of Kansas State. I like Hoke (not as much as I loved RichRod) but a simple “no comment” would have sufficed instead of telling a lie to the media on a subject that would become public record anyway.


And to add even another layer of dung to this dagwood of a shit sandwich, Gibbons’ roommate, Taylor Lewan, was also caught up in the mess. Lewan allegedly threatened the alleged victim saying if she presses charges, Lewan would rape her. What?!? And for this he received a short note officially informing him that he shouldn’t do that anymore.

Old #34 and #77 just being classic Michigan Men. Quality gentlemen, dutiful scholars and honorable contributors to the lore that is the University of Michigan.

There are some links below to give you more detail and understanding on what happened, but let me assure you that I have not overstated the situation. This is bad and if it happened at Michigan State, I would be ashamed and saddened. Michigan fans like to call Spartan athletes thugs and criminals, and that’s fine. We’ve had our issues just as every university has issues. But between Lewan and his pending court date and Gibbons and his expulsion one game short of eligibility running out, I think you might just want to hold you maize and blue tongue.

Brendan Gibbons Case Timeline, click here.

Freep article, click here.

Very comprehensive Washtenaw Watchdogs story including police reports and other docs, click here.

An MGoBlog posting on the subject, click here.

An alleged rape, an alleged threat, and almost certainly a cover-up by University of Michigan.

Hail to the Victors Felons.

Welcome Maryland and Rutgers to the B1G.

Terps Knights

Feels like Nebraska is just getting settled in and now we have two new and somehow even more foreign universities to welcome in to our conference. So let’s start by doing what friendly folks do and let’s say “welcome” shall we.

Maryland, Rutgers, welcome to your new home.

Welcome to the B1G.

I can’t speak for Rutgers, but here in Raleigh, NC, the heart of ACC country, folks are hating on the Terps pretty dang hard. Real hard. As a founding member of the ACC it just seems wrong that they would pack up and leave. It doesn’t help that there isn’t respect for the B1G down here either. But that’s just pain and anger; lashing out. No one likes it when a family member leaves, especially when they leave for another family. It’s kind of like being dumped.

But Maryland was in a corner. A financial corner. When your athletic department is under-water and you are canceling sports to try and make ends meet, you have to make some tough decisions. Mama’s got to sell that engagement ring if it means buying shoes for the children. So Maryland left the ACC and went to the B1G to bring in more cash. Hopefully this will help to right the ship and they will manage their money enough to bring back varsity Ultimate Frisbee or whatever.

Nobody around here likes to hear that the B1G brings in way more cash than the ACC. Hurts the ego. Okay, well, it is what it is. Even Notre Dame with their NBC deal doesn’t bring in as much dough as each and every B1G school. Even Purdue and Illinois!

What ACC fans probably don’t know (and don’t care about) is that the B1G fans aren’t really very excited to get Maryland either. They’re thought of as being kind of good in a “okay” way with stoopid-ugly unis. No one is impressed, no one is worried and no one is taking them seriously, which could be a big mistake. We will have to wait and see.

Back to Rutgers… nobody really cares at all. Period. Their football program is a non-event and their AD is bat-shit crazy. New Jersey? Whatever. Again, could be our downfall, but probably not.

Give the Terps and Scarlet Knights a few years to adapt (and invest some of those B1G greenbacks in their programs) and I think one of them will compete. Probably Maryland more so than Rutgers I think. I’ll go ahead and call it: Maryland goes to the B1G Championship in 2018. We will see.

Go B1G!