Michigan State 56, Wyoming 14: The Spartans are 3-1.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 9.55.52 AM

i was at this game and I can say it was a beautiful 78-degrees with blue skies and a slight wind. Campus looked awesome, everyone was pumped-up and having fun and the new stadium addition was very impressive. We walked from our hotel on Trowbridge to downtown, had a late breakfast, hit SBS and then had a Blood Mary at a bar to kill some time until kick-off. Around 11:30 we walked over to the stadium, snapped a photo with the Sparty statue, saw the other sparty on the back of a golf-cart looking vehicle and then went in to the stadium. Our seats were 15 rows up from the grass and on about the 40-yard line. Oh, and who is sitting two rows down and two seats over? Drew Stanton and his family. That was awesome. His Mom (I;m guessing) had on a vintage Spartan hat with “Just Drew It.” embroidered on the back. Not sure how Nike would feel about that but it cracked me up. I guess what I’m saying is, everything was just about perfect.

The game stayed right on script too. The Spartans came out dominate and never lost control the entire game. I didn’t expect a real challenge from the Cowboys but we knew they were better than EMU and they had given Oregon a bit of trouble. Mainly, I didn’t want to get caught napping. We didn’t.


It was an excellent showing from the offense with 533 total yards, 195 passing and 338 rushing. What? Yep, State ran the hell out of the ball. That’s two weeks in a row with rushing about doubling passing. Very old-school Spartan football, and I love it. Also, no turn-overs, which I also love.

Three QBs saw action with Connor Cook going eight for 12 for 126 yards and two TDs, Damien Terry looked very good going six for six for 56 yards and Tyler O’Connor was perfect also going two for two for 13 yards and a TD. I’m really happy to see Cook playing so well and O’Connor and Terry looking good while getting some quality game reps too.

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The Spartan QBs spread the ball around once again with nine receivers hauling in 16 receptions. Tony Lippett is off to a great start this year and Saturday was much the same with four catches for 76 yards and a TD. Josiah Price and Keith Mumphery each had a TD reception. No Macgarrett Kings or DeAnthony Arnett this week which is a bummer, I really want to see those guys making plays.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 9.53.13 AM

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 9.54.08 AM

On the ground it was all Pound Green Pound with 52 carries for 338 yards. Jeremy Langford is back in form with 16 carries for 137 yards and a TD. Nick Hill continues to impress with his hard, fast running and excellent vision and cutting ability. Hill had 10 carries for 71 yards. Delton Williams saw some quality game action with nine carries for 34 yards and a TD. Mumphery showed his versatility by rushing three times for 46 yards and a TD as did Cook and O’Connor each with a rushing TD.

With Mumphery getting TDs rushing and receiving, he’s starting to remind me of Keshawn Martin a little bit. Is K-Mum the next K-Mart maybe?


Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 9.53.39 AM

The Spartan defense is not yet where it was last year, or even where last year’s defense was after four games I think. It seems like the communication and team experience is just not quite there yet. Case in point was Wyoming’s 57-yard rushing TD. This was a straight up the gut running play and the back was never touched. Our line got blown out, the backers were nowhere to be found and by the time our secondary saw what was going on, it was too late. That is just scary. The secondary continues to allow long passes and explosive plays too. Against better competition (Oregon), this is going to be costly. I’m certainly not ready to say the defense is bad or a weakness, but I am saying that there is room for improvement and maybe fewer heart-attack plays per game please.

Overall, the defense did a nice job holding Wyoming to 286 total yards. Besides a few big plays, the Cowboys could not effectively run the ball against MSU as they had 27 attempts for only 98 yards (remember the long of 57 is in there) or an average of only 3.6 YPC. The Cowboys were more effective in the air with 16 completions on 24 attempts for 188 yards. Also, a season-high six sacks which is outstanding. These are good stats, especially when you consider the number of players that were subbed in and out throughout the game.

Marcus Rush, Shalique Calhoun, Riley Bullough and Malik McDowell amongst others had good days and got in on some good plays. Kudos to Darien Harris for one fumble recovery and forcing a second one (which was recovered by Taiwan Jones) and to Kurtis Drummond for a nice pick and 19 yard run, that was beautiful. Let’s have more of that please.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 9.54.47 AM

Last but not least, great job by you Calhoun on the blocked FG attempt, that was outstanding.


Michael Geiger was a perfect seven for seven on PATs, and I didn’t even notice it but they snuck Kevin Cronin in to boot a PAT also. No FGs were even attempted by the Spartans. Mike Sadler only punted once, a 43-yarder. RJ Shelton looked outstanding on kick-off returns running back three for 88 yards for an average of 29..3. I really thought he was going to take one to the house, and I bet he does before the year is out.


Another great game by the Spartans. Yes, Wyoming is not a great threat but Michigan State dispatched them properly and without any trauma or distress along the way. Many, many young players got to see some more game time which is money in the bank for the Spartans as the season progresses and we start to see some injuries take players out. Next man up!

Great win, yes. Now it’s time to get really serious as next Saturday’s game is of the utmost importance. Nebraska is undefeated and rolling with a full head of steam. The Huskers are looking good after beating odd-ball rival Miami and Illinois over the last two weeks. Ameer Abdullah is a beast 114 carries for 833 yards and eight TDs. That’s scary. If we can contain the Husker’s big weapons and remain effective against their very good defense, I think we can carry the day. This is going to be an epic battle under the lights in East Lansing. I’m very happy that this game is in East Lansing and not in Lincoln. Epic!



Rankings & Ramblings: Week #5.

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What a great week of B1G football! We had some big wins, big losses and a whole bunch in-between. The conference schedule is underway now, which is awesome, and already delivered two upsets.  Just great B1G football.

So, let’s take a look at the AP rankings…

Michigan State dropped from #9 to #10. This was a surprise to me since we kicked the hell out of Wyoming in utter dominate form. I guess State had to make way for UCLA. MSU remains the highest ranked one-loss team in the rankings.

Wisconsin moves up from #19 to #17.  They didn’t cover the spread but they did win and that’s good enough for a couple of spots.

Nebraska moves up from #21 to #19.  The B1G’s only unbeaten took down Illinois in dominate fashion so I thought they might move a little further, but they jump up only two.

Ohio State moves up from #22 to #20.  Looks like a two-spot vacuum was created and the  win over Cincinnati was good one.

In the almost-but-not-quite ranked category we have Maryland at #34. I’m surprised to not see any votes for Iowa, Minnesota or Penn State, they are all 4-1 and seem deserving of at at least a few votes.

Next week’s match-ups will have an effect on the rankings with Michigan State playing Nebraska, Ohio State playing Maryland and Wisconsin playing Northwestern. Someone is going to win and someone has to lose, and the rankings will fall as they will.

Go B1G!


B1G Week #5 Wins, Losses and the Point Spread.

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No question about it, the season is rolling now. Things are starting to take shape and get sorted, but it’s still only the beginning and there is a lot of football yet to be played. It was an awesome Saturday of football and yet, I feel I may have fallen back on my pick percentage a bit. Let’s take a gander…


Wyoming @ #9 Michigan State – Go GREEN!!!  No problem here, the Spartans did exactly what the #9 team in the country should do, they rolled Wyoming 59-15. Nice work Spartans! 25-20


South Florida @ #19 Wisconsin – Wisconsin is a 33.5-point favorite but I think they win by 49.  It was 3-3 at the half. Holy crap, and I have them winning by 49. I’m not really sure what happened in Madison but it wasn’t good. Wisconsin won by only 17 not even coming close to covering. 25-21


Tulane @ Rutgers – Rutgers is a 11.5-point favorite and they go ahead and win by 17.  The Scarlet Knights were only favored by 11.5 but I thought that was low against Tulane. And I was right. Rutgers wins by 25. 26-21

Hawkeyes Boilermakers

Iowa @ Purdue – Iowa is a 10-point favorite on the road but I see them winning by 14.  It was tied 10-10 at the half and I started thinking that maybe the Boilermakers are going to make a game of it. But no, they were shut out in the second half. Iowa won by 14 as predicted. BINGO! 27-21

Wildcats Lions

Northwestern @ Penn State – Penn State is favored by 10.5 but they win by 17.  A struggling Wildcat squad on the road against a solid Nittany Lions squad… I think we all know how that ends. And we were all wrong. What the hell happened in this game? I really need to go back and watch this one. Northwestern wins by 23. 27-22

Terps Hoosiers

Maryland @ Indiana – Indiana is a 4.5-point favorite at home by I think they win by only three, possibly in OT.  What has happened to the Hoosier offense? Or is it that the Terps are just that good? I don’t know for sure but I bet Indiana not to cover and that is just what they did. Maryland won by 22, no OT needed. 28-22

Gophers Wolverines

Minnesota @ Michigan – Michigan is favored by 11.5 and yet they barely win by a score or less.  Ha ha ha ha ha… Michigan is sucking some serious ass this year and the buzz is that everyone even remotely associated with this football team gets fired. Wow. Not to belittle the Gophers, I really like this team and Coach Kill, but the Gophers don’t typically leave the Big House with the jug. Did you see those Michigan fans leaving in droves. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving fan base. Anyway, I bet that the Wolverines would not cover and I was very right. Minnesota won by 16. 29-22


Cincinnati @ #22 Ohio State – Ohio State is favored by 15.5-points but I think they win by 17.  The Bearcats are a good team, but they are out-gunned by the Buckeyes. And the Bucks seem to be building so look for them to finish strong. Cincy made it interesting in the second quarter but that was about all they had. Ohio State won by 22. 30-22

block-i Huskers

Illinois @ #21 Nebraska – Nebraska is favored by 20-points but I think they win by 24.  The Huskers are on top of the conference as the only undefeated team. I can’t say those unis were looking good but the team is playing very well and are looking like the West’s team in Indy. The Illini folded in the second half and they were already down by 21-points. Nebraska won by 31. 31-22

Well, heck. I thought in my head that I might have gotten schooled this week but as it turns out, I killed it. I’m 31 and 22 now which is a win percentage of 58%. I’m ahead of my 55% goal! Now I just need to stay there, but I’ve got the Momentum right now so I need to keep on rolling.

The B1G looked good this week for the most part. Michigan is at the bottom of the B1G with a 2-3 record overall and 0-1 in-conference. They are tied with Purdue in last-place in the B1G. Penn State is probably licking some wounds and working hard to figure out what happened and how do we not let that happen again.

We’ve got some great games coming up next week. Probably the biggest, baddest ass-kicker of all is Michigan State vs. Nebraska at night in East Lansing. Wow, that is a big-ass game. We also have Ohio state at Maryland, Wisconsin at Northwestern and Michigan at Rutgers, all of which should be good games. There are three byes next week as Iowa, Minnesota and Penn State all have the week off. I won’t stop thinking about that Spartans-Huskers match-up all week, I can tell you that much.

Go B1G!


I’m Off To East Lansing.

Downtown (19)

Yep, I’m leaving the cool and wet weather in Raleigh to enjoy the sunny and warm days in East Lansing this week.

I’ve got great seats for the State game and I’m looking forward to kicking it in E.L. again.

May even catch a Tigers game on Sunday, we’ll see.

Yes, I am seeking a pleasant peninsula.



What is Going On at Michigan?

Shit is falling apart in Ann Arbor. You know how you know? All the Wolverine fanatics are real quiet. You can hear a pin drop. Let’s just look at the last week’s strange occurrences…


Two tickets with the purchase of two bottles of Coke. WTF? That’s right, for about $3 you can get two tickets to the coveted and ballyhooed Big House to see the Wolverines battle the Gophers. Apparently Michigan is having big problems selling tickets for their B1G opener. Wow. The promotion was pulled to the embarrassment of the university which claimed there was a miscommunication, but still, wow. That’s a new low.

Coach Hoke is starting to crack. Brady is starting to answer interview questions with quips like “Hey, we don’t like it either” and “Because I said so”. That reminds me of the last days of RichRod. He even lashed out at his long-time friend and colleage Greg Mattisson on the sideline last week which got a lot of looks on ESPN. And now he can’t decide which not-great QB to start against the Gophers. My guess is they both “play” Saturday, at least as best they can.

Recruiting is starting to be effected. The commits seem to be pretty stable (at least for now), but the not-yet-committed guys guys are starting to question the teams playing and whether this staff will be in place by the time they get there. They didn’t score a TD against Notre Dame. They didn’t score a TD against Utah. Hell, they haven’t scored a TD against Michigan State since the first half of the 2011 game. Recruits should be thinking twice and keeping their options open.


Even God is hating on Michigan. That’s a lot of cold, hateful rain not to mention scary lightening and thunder. Folks were already leaving in droves before they evacuated the stadium, but how many of them came back? Maybe a few hundred. Maybe. That leaves about 114,800 empty seats. Ouch. It was sunny and nice for the Michigan State game. Just saying.

Summing up: The media has turned on Michigan, the fans have turned on Michigan, even God has turned on Michigan. Why? Because they do not win football games. When you’re whole deal is based on the notion of “we deserve respect because we’re Michigan; the leaders and the best”, well, that’s just sad. And the more distance Michigan puts between were they are now and the good old days, well, the more sad it gets.

Just keep singing that fight song Michigan, and remembering the way it once was so long ago. Hail.

B1G Week #5 Picks.

The B1G laid some stick in week #4 (except for Michigan) and I like it. Let’s do it again as we close out the non-con and start the B1G match-up for real.   I’m 25-20 now so my goal is not to backslide as I pick against the spread this week. Let’s get rolling…


Wyoming @ #9 Michigan State – Noon on ESPN-2. I’m kind of surprised that this game made The Deuce, it’s not really a big deal, but I’m glad to see State getting the love. FYI, I’ll be at this game so maybe it really is a big deal. MSU is a 31-point favorite at home for homecoming weekend. Go GREEN!!!


South Florida @ #19 Wisconsin – Noon on ESPN-U.  The Bulls travel to Madison to pick up a nice check and a road loss is my headline for this game. Did you know the Badgers have the #1 Rushing game in college ball? They do. Let’s not talk about QBs and their passing attack, or lack thereof. The Badger defense is stout too. Wisconsin is a 33.5-point favorite but I think they win by 49.


Tulane @ Rutgers – Noon on ESPN-News.  The Green Wave always sounded like how you feel when you are seconds away from puking and you just realized it and now you need to dash for a bathroom, tree, closet, basement, etc. Okay, that’s pretty mean and I apologize. Tulane is not a very good team, that much is fact. The Scarlet Knights beat Washington State and Navy and matched up well with Penn State, so they are a good team. Not great, just good. And just good will be enough. Rutgers is a 11.5-point favorite and they go ahead and win by 17.

Hawkeyes Boilermakers

Iowa @ Purdue – Noon on BTN.  This one really comes down to which Boilermaker team decides to show up. These two teams don’t really look that different on paper with one exception: The Hawkeyes defense. If Purdue can’t score, Purdue can’t win. Iowa is a 10-point favorite on the road but I see them winning by 14.

Wildcats Lions

Northwestern @ Penn State – Noon on BTN.  Neither Cal nor N. Illinois had a defense any where close to Penn State’s and Northwestern had major difficulty scoring. The Lions can stop you in your tracks and then pass right over you for the score. I think this will be a pretty good game for at least three quarters. Penn State is favored by 10.5 but they win by 17.

Terps Hoosiers

Maryland @ Indiana – 1:30PM on BTN.  The Terps are looking pretty good but so are the Hoosiers, especially after beating a ranked Missouri squad on the road. Strong! The Hoosiers will bring the run game and they’ll bring it hard. Can the Terps stop it and can they turn around and score? I think this will be a very good, very close game. Indiana is a 4.5-point favorite at home by I think they win by only three, possibly in OT.

Gophers Wolverines

Minnesota @ Michigan – 3:30PM on ABC / ESPN-2.  Somewhere there is coffin with “Hoke” written on it and there are already two nails in that sucker. There could be three after Saturday. If only the Gophers could pass the ball, that would almost seal the deal for me. Their run game and their defense are really solid and I think they come in to the Big House ready for a fight. The Wolverines are statically pretty similar but may be losing their will to live. Was that rain or a flood of tears last weekend? Michigan is favored by 11.5 and yet they barely win by a score or less.


Cincinnati @ #22 Ohio State – 6:00PM on BTN.  Now why is this one on BTN? This could be a really good game. The Bearcats have one and only one weapon, they throw the heck out of the ball and score. The Buckeyes are a much more balanced team with good offensive weapons and a very solid defense. But I feel like their spirit is broken a little bit. This game should be a fairly easy and solid win for the Bucks, but will it go that way? They need a solid, convincing win and I think they basically get it. Ohio State is favored by 15.5-points but I think they win by 17.

block-i Huskers

Illinois @ #21 Nebraska – 9:00PM on BTN.  I like that the Illini had a good non-con result, but that defense will be their undoing in the B1G, even with a great air attack. The Huskers are really good and very likely going to Indy this year. The run the ball so well behind Abdullah and their defense is tight. And the game is in Lincoln. Nebraska is favored by 20-points but I think they win by 24.

All-righty then, let’s suit up and strap in for some big time football this week. Everyone plays this week so nobody is left out of the action. Let’s keep the momentum going B1G! Best of luck to everyone.


Rankings & Ramblings: Week #4.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 5.11.43 PM

The B1G had a good week with 12 teams winning, one bye (Ohio State) and one team failing to contribute (Michigan). A pretty darn good showing overall especially when you consider the trend that’s developed in the first three weeks. Nice work B1G.

Let’s have a looksee shall we…

Michigan State moved up from #11 to #9. Back in the Top10 bitches! Apparently, playing a cupcake can benefit you when you hang 73 points on them with relative ease.

Wisconsin hangs tough at #19. Ah, you see the Badger only scored 68 points and with other ups and downs above them, they make no progress. That’s okay, they’re good and they’re ranked and there is a lot of football to be played.

Ohio State moves up from #23 to #22. Not bad for taking a week off even with Urban Meyer that he’s insane and has a little addiction issue.

Nebraska jumps up from #24 to #21. Nice leap Huskers, and you deserve it with a solid win over Miami. I bet this trend continues.

In the almost-but-not-quite ranked category we have Penn State just outside at #27 and Indiana at #43 with one vote.

Next week we get in to the conference schedule a bit five conference games including Iowa @ Purdue, Northwestern @ Penn State, Maryland @ Indiana, Minnesota @ Michigan and Illinois @ Nebraska. All sounds fun. What’s the odds that the Gophers beat the Walverines Wolverines in the Big House? Ha ha ha. Cincinnati @ Ohio State should be a game too. Everyone plays next week so we’ve got a full card. Best of luck all the B1G squads, this is when things start to get interesting in the conference race.

Go B1G!


Michigan State 73, Eastern Michigan 14; Spartans go to 2-1.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 9.23.56 AM

I’ve never seen more Michigan State Spartans participate in a football game in my entire life. I believe the grand total was 73 players got in. Amazing. Although EMU is pretty much the definition of a cupcake match-up, it’s nice to see MSU handle them the way that they should. It was a fun game to watch, especially the first half, and it looked like the Spartans were having a lot of fun getting that bitter taste to go away after the Oregon road loss.


The Spartans scored seven TD’s in the first half. Seven! That’s 49 points. Also, that’s seven TD’s on nine possessions. The offense had 496 total yards with 160 in the air and 336 on the ground. The Spartans converted nine of 17 first downs and controlled the time of possession with 42:41. My only comment would be I’d like see a bit more balance between passing and rushing, but if it’s going to be one-sided, winning with way more rushing yards is awesome because it shows that you were in control and our line was strong.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 9.19.35 AM

The stats are little strange because everyone played extensively. At QB, Connor Cook looked excellent going five for six for 83 yards, two TDs and a rushing TD, all in the first quarter. Tyler O’Connor looked sharp going four for five for 58 yards and a TD; and a pick unfortunately. Damien Terry got his legs under him a bit going five for eight for 19 yards plus three runs for 17 yards. We even say Tommy Vento and Paul Andrie take a few snaps. I can’t ever recall five QBs taking snaps in one game for the Spartans.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 9.22.26 AM

On the receiving side we had 14 catches for 160 yards and three TDs. Nine receivers had a catch led by Tony Lippett with three for 45 and two TDs, AJ Troup had two for 43 and a TD and Andre Sims Jr. had three for 26. I was really hoping that Macgarrett Kings Jr. and DeAnthony Arnett would have seen a bit more success, but they ended up with one catch apiece. I didn’t see any of the dreaded drops that cursed us in 2012 and early 2013, on that point we are cured. All around great route-running and excellent hands, well done gents.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 9.22.05 AM

On the ground, it was a clinic on how to run the damn ball. Excellent blocking by the O-line and then just ballsy, powerful running by the Spartans. MSU had 60 carries for 336 yards and seven TDs. SEVEN!

How about Delton Williams with 10 carries for 103 yards, three TDs and a 80-yard boogie in the fourth quarter just to add an exclamation point to the win. Nice. Sure,without that last long run he’s nine for 23 yards, but don’t forget two TDs. He was busting his way through many hits each and every time he carried the ball.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 9.19.48 AM

I was pleased to see Jeremy Langford looking more like his old self. He was so tentative against Oregon but not this time, he looked fast, sharp and powerful. Langford only had nine carries but put down 60 yards and a TD. Very solid.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 9.22.51 AM

Here’s Langford’s one-man show entitled “EastPack“. Yep, he’s carrying an Eastern player like a back-pack. Classic.

MSU’s very own muscle-hamster Nick Hill had a great game getting 14 hard-fought carries for 58 yards and a TD. That upside down hit int he end-zone where he landed on his head scared the crap out of me but Hill seemed okay. Macgarrett Kings Jr. and Keith Mumphery each had nice runs of 20+ yards and a whole slew of other Spartans carried the ball and picked up single digit gains. Glorious day on the ground when you consider the team effort. Pound Green Pound!


Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 9.26.56 AM

At halftime, Eastern Michigan had one total yard on offense, no first-downs and no points. That is amazing. When the game was over, the Eagles were able to get 135 total yards on offense, five first downs and two TDs, but don’t forget the six turn-overs. The Spartan defense had their way with the Eagles, no question about it.

As crappy as it sounds to say it, I’m not really happy that EMU was able to score twice. They were both on pass plays which was the money-maker last year and seems to be sliding towards just “good” this year. Should I be concerned as we approach B1G play? I’m going to stay positive and chalk those TDs up to moving in and out a bunch of players and the secondary still gelling. I hope I’m right.

Props to RJ Williamson for the pick, always a welcome site. And how about Shallique Calhoun just getting after the QB relentlessly. Many other nice plays, hits, stops, fumble recoveries, coverages, rushes, etc. from the Spartans. Nice work defense!


No issues here, I’m glad to report. Spokes-model for a generation Mike Sadler punted five times putting three of them inside the 20. He had one schanky-looking kick which he seems to be doing from time-to-time. Let’s not do that, okay? Michael Geiger was perfect with one FG and 10 PATs. Yes, 10 PATs. That’s like a full day of practice if you are working on extra point kicking.


Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 9.23.05 AM

Great game. That’s how you eat a cupcake. Well done.

Next week the Spartans face Wyoming in East Lansing. It’s homecoming and I’ll be there to enjoy what should be great weather and good fun. I believe the Cowboys will be a bit more of a challenge than the Eagles, but they’re not really scaring me at this point. Pretty good defense, not great offense. I believe Coach Dantonio and the boys can handle that and they have this week to prepare. I can’t wait.



B1G Week #4 Wins, Losses and the Point Spread.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 7.33.59 AM

Now that’s what I’m talking about! The B1G finally has a great weekend. Every B1G team, except for Michigan, won. Every B1G team, except for Michigan, played with heart and won the day. Every B1G team, except for Michigan, is walking a little taller today as they turn their eyes to next weeks opponent with just a little extra confidence. And then there’s Michigan. Sad, sad Michigan.

I’m 16-17, or 48%, coming in to week #4 and slowly making up ground on my goal of 55% accuracy for the season. Let’s take a look at my week #4 picks and the results.


Eastern Michigan @ #11 Michigan State – Go GREEN!!!  Yes, the Eagles are a cupcake. But State handled them the way a ranked team should handle a cupcake. Great fun. Nice to see the Spartans score 73 points. 16-17


Iowa @ Pittsburgh – Iowa is a 6-point dog but I think they lose by 10 on the road.  The Hawkeyes had probably the second toughest game this week and I must say that I didn’t have faith in them. It looked like a heck of a battle but in the end, they won by four. Nice win Iowa! 16-18


Western Illinois @ Northwestern – Northwestern wins this one by 21 (no spread available).  The Wildcats ended up being a 25.5-point favorite which seems pretty high considering the year they have been having. I had them winning by 21 thus not covering the spread. Northwestern won by 17. 17-18


Southern Illinois @ Purdue – Purdue wins by 20 (no spread available).  I had tons of confidence in Purdue for some reason, but Vegas only had them favored by three; no respect. Purdue won by 22 so they way covered. 18-18


Bowling Green @ #19 Wisconsin – Wisconsin is favored by 23.5 at home, and I think they win by 24 just covering.  The Badgers are ranked and looking pretty darn good this year, so I felt pretty good picking them to cover on such a large spread. Wisconsin won by 51 even I was being a bit to conservative. 19-18


Maryland @ Syracuse – Maryland is a 1-point dog but I think they win by three in a close one, possibly in OT.  I’m really liking having the Terps in the B1G, so much so that I had them beating the Orange and covering the spread. Maryland won by 14 on the road, no OT needed. Nice!  20-18


Utah @ Michigan – Michigan is favored by 5.5 but I think they lose by three after a major fourth quarter rally.  There was no fourth quarter rally, just a shitty lightening delay which left the Big House cold and empty, just like a Michigan Man’s soul. Michigan lost by 16. 21-18


Rutgers @ Navy – Rutgers plays well loses by four in a hard-fought battle.  Once again I had little faith in our B1G brethren and they proved me wrong. Navy is tough to scheme against and I wasn’t sure the Knights were up to it. Yes, I was wrong. FYI, Navy was favored by six. Rutgers won by seven. 21-19


U-Mass @ Penn State – Penn State is a 26.5-point favorite but I think they win by 24.  Why did I think the Lions would win but not cover? Against U-Mass of all teams? I was, once again, wrong wrong wrong. Penn State remains undefeated winning by 41. 21-20


San Jose State @ Minnesota – This is a pick-em game and I’m taking Minnesota at home by seven.  I like the Gophers and I like Coach Kill. I like to see them win and when it’s a pick-em game at home, I’m going with the Gophers most times. And I’m glad I did. Minnesota won by 17. 22-20


Texas State @ Illinois – Illinois is favored by 14-points but they win by 10.  How about the Fighting Illini fighting it’s way back from a first half deficit to win the game. Nice work. Illinois didn’t cover winning by seven. 23-20


 Indiana @ #18 Missouri – Indiana is a 14.5-point dog and I think they lose by 10 on the road.  Indiana had the toughest opponent this week and I didn’t really think they would win but I did think they would cover. And it got a little dicey at the end but the Hoosiers held on. Great Job! Indiana won by four. 24-20


Miami (FL) @ #24 Nebraska – Nebraska is favored by 7-points at home and I think they win by 17.  The Huskers are looking really tough this year and although the Canes are not in top form, they are tough. And apparently these teams have a history which only makes it that much more complicated. My feeling was that the Huskers are a better team overall, and they are at home. I was right. Nebraska covers winning by 10 and remains undefeated. 25-20

Again, what a great Saturday for everyone, except Michigan. I’m proud of each and every team, except for Michigan. Great job everyone, except Michigan.

This was a massive improvement week not only for the B1G, but for my pick-calling accuracy as well. With 25 right and 20 wrong, I’m now at 56% on the season. Boom! If I can maintain this for the next ten weeks I will reach my goal. That’s a mighty big damn “if”. If I was actually laying money on these games, I’d be counting my winnings this week. Too bad I don’t do that.

Already getting fired-up for next week when I’ll be in East Lansing at Spartan Stadium to watch my boys play some ball. Let’s keep the winning streak going everyone. Except Michigan.

Go B1G!