2015 Bowl Results.

To be totally honest with you, the only bowl game I actually watched was the Cotton Bowl and it was so horribly painful that I had to back off football for the rest of the holiday. Between that beat-down and sniffy a few scores here and there, my guess is that the B1G didn’t have a great bowl season this year. My gut tells me I was wrong on most of my picks and maybe the B1G was 50/50 against the other conferences. Just doesn’t feel like a fitting end to a pretty great year of B1G football.

Well, we might as well face the music, let’s see how the B1G actually did and how I did in my picks…

block-iPinstripe Bowl

Indiana vs. Duke – Indiana is a 3-point favorite and they win by 10 and cover. Did the Hoosier miss that FG, or did they make it? It doesn’t matter what we think, the officials called it a miss. Duke wins by three, Indiana does not cover. B1G 0-1 / Me 0-1

HuskersFoster Farm Bowl

UCLA vs. Nebraska – Nebraska is a 6-point dog and they lose by 14, UCLA covers. I just don’t know what to think about the Huskers this year. There is no sense to who the beat and who they lose too. I did not see them beating UCLA and yet they did. Nebraska wins by eight, UCLA does not cover. B1G 1-1 / Me 0-2


Central Michigan vs. Minnesota – Minnesota is a 5-point favorite and they win by 9 and cover. Certainly not the Gophers best year, but they play with heart and they are good fundamentally. The Chips are a very good team in the MAC, no question. I was about right on this one. Minnesota wins by seven and covers. B1G 2-1 / Me 1-2

BadgersHoliday Bowl

#25 USC vs. Wisconsin – Wisconsin is a 4-point dog but they win by three, USC doesn’t cover. The Badgers yo-yo’d in and out of the rankings all year as they just couldn’t get everything firing at the same time. But I didn’t really fear the Trojans all that much and believed that with the time off, the Badgers could pull it together. And they did. Wisconsin wins by two, USC doesn’t cover. B1G 3-1 / Me 2-2


#3 Michigan State vs. #2 Alabama – Michigan State is a 10-point dog but they win by one (on the last play of the game), Bama doesn’t cover. Go GREEN!!! It’s too soon to even talk about this one. It might always be too soon. Michigan State loses by 38, Alabama covers. B1G 3-2 / Me 2-3

WildcatsOutback Bowl

#13 Northwestern vs. #23 Tennessee – Northwestern is an 8-point dog but they win by seven, Tennessee doesn’t cover. This is an example where I didn’t give the Vols enough respect. I like the Vols too, I just wasn’t all that impressed this year. My bad. Northwestern loses by 39, Tennessee covers. B1G 3-3 / Me 2-4

WolverinesCitrus Bowl

#14 Michigan vs. #19 Florida – Michigan is a 5-point favorite and they win by 10 and cover. I hate Michigan. I bet Florida hates Michigan too. They went wild in Ann Arbaugh I bet. Michigan wins by 34 and covers. B1G 4-3 / Me 3-4


#8 Notre Dame vs. #7 Ohio State – Ohio State is a 7-point favorite and they win by six and don’t cover. After this one the Buckeye fandom is thinking that they should have been in the CFP against Alabama. Hey, it’s not like it was decided by any other means than a head-to-head match-up so cool it on the what-ifs. Anyway, it’s nice to beat Notre Dame. Ohio State wins by 26 and covers. Big 5-3 / Me 3-5


#6 Stanford vs. #5 Iowa – Iowa is a 7-point dog and they lose by 17, Stanford covers. I was a bit worried about this one, and apparently with good cause. Sorry Iowa, you guys are good but that schedule made you look better than you actually are. If you didn’t have that talk with your kids about a undefeated Iowa, you probably will never need to. Iowa losses by 29, Stanford covers. B1G 5-4 / Me 4-5

LionsTaxSlayer Bowl

Penn State vs. Georgia – Penn State is a 7-point dog but they win by three in O.T. The Lions got the benefit of the doubt from me this time, and I underestimated the Bulldogs after losing their beloved coach. I was upside down on this one. Penn State loses by seven, it’s a push. Big 5-5 / Me 4-5

The dust has cleared and the B1G went 5-5 this bowl season. Congrats to all the B1G squads that took care of business and represented. For the other five squads, well, lick your wounds, take a week off and then get to the winter conditioning because that is where championships are forged.

Bring on 2016!

Go B1G!