Three months in to 2016, I’m ready to finally put 2015 to bed.


Yes, it was that painful. That Cotton Bowl loss really crushed my soul. I had to step away for a while and let some distance develop between me and that awful, awful bowl game. Turns out, it took about three months. But spring practice is now underway, we’ve got a bunch of new, shiny recruits and redshirt freshman that are basically new to me. I’m once again burning with optimism’s flame.

Let’s put the final nail in 2015 and quickly and quietly wrap up the season, shall we.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 2.44.04 PM

Here’s how it looked when it was all said and done. Ohio State, Michigan State and Iowa all had 12 wins but I put the Buckeyes first because they only had one loss and they won their damn bowl game. The Bucks, Spartans and Hawks make up Tier One B1G. Northwestern, Michigan and Wisconsin made up Tier Two, each with solid 10-win seasons. Tier Three is pretty much everyone else with Penn State at seven wins all the way to Purdue with only two wins.

The Spartans won the B1G though, and that was awesome. The Hawkeyes were undefeated going in and their fans outnumbered the Spartan fans about three-to-one at Lucas Oil (yes, I was there). It was a great game and Michigan State’s nine minute, 22-play TD drive in the fourth quarter was epic and glorious.

In terms of rankings, here is how the AP ranked our B1G squads:

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 4.37.57 PM

It’s the same six teams that make up our Tiers One and Two. Ohio State came out on top at #4 following their solid Fiesta Bowl win over Notre Dame. Michigan State dropped from #3 to #6 after getting shutout by Alabama in the Cotton Bowl. Iowa fell from #6 to #9 after getting blown out by Stanford in the Rose Bowl. Michigan rocketed up from #17 to #12 after crushing Florida the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. Wisconsin rose from #23 to #21 with their win over USC in the Holiday Bowl. Finally, Northwestern plummeted from #12 all the way to #23 after getting their asses hand to them in the Outback Bowl.

Only Ohio State and Michigan State were ranked from the pre-season all the way through the post season. Wisconsin actually dropped out of the rankings three times in 2015, and still ended up ranked. That has to be a record.

I believe this to be all I have to say about 2015. It was a really great, fun, amazing, roller-coaster of a season. The Spartans accomplished so much, but again, that Cotton Bowl shut-out clouds and taints everything. I’ve never felt so bad about dong so well. The B1G finished with six teams ranked in the top25 and four of them in the Top15, that’s solid work right there.

Looking ahead to 2016, I’m not even close to being ready to make predictions. I know I’m looking forward to it, but for now I’m happy to read-up on spring ball and the spring game at the end of April. August will be here soon enough and we’ll get fired up then, for realz. Until then, enjoy your summer, have fun, do something awesome and we’ll see you as we get a bit closer to the 2016 kick-off. And, as always…

Go B1G!