2016 Week #10 Winners, Losers and the Point Spread.


As I said in my picks post, I’m 39-36, so that’s not great. I was sick all weekend and still am today so that’s why I’m late recapping. I don’t feel well and I certainly don’t feel good about my picks.

Let Survey the damage shall we…

Michigan State @ Illinois – Michigan State is favored by 3.5-points but they win by 10 and cover. Worst. Season. Ever. Hey, Basketball starts this week! Michigan State loses by four and does not cover. 0-1 / 39-37

Indiana @ Rutgers – Indiana is favored by 14-points but they win by 17 and cover. My three teams that I believed were getting better all underperformed this weekend. The Hoosiers are one of them and the Terps and Wildcats are the others. Indiana wins by six and doesn’t cover. 0-2 / 39-38

#8 Wisconsin @ Northwestern – Wisconsin is favored by 7-points but they win by three and do not cover. It’s my fault for believing in the Cats. Wisconsin wins by 14 and covers. 0-3 / 39-39

Maryland @ #3 Michigan – Michigan is favored by 31-points but they win by 10 and do not cover. I hate Michigan. I think the Terps folded against a big brand school in the Big House on National TV. Where’s the chip Terps? You could have been heroes. Michigan wins by 56 and covers. 0-4 / 39-40

Purdue @ Minnesota – Minnesota is favored by 17-points but they win by 14 and don’t cover. The Boilermakers had the lead at the half, can you believe it. But then they folded up like a paper train set. There is a God. Minnesota wins by 13 and doesn’t cover. 1-4 / 40-40

Iowa @ #12 Penn State – Penn State is favored by 7.5-points but they win by 13 and cover. Alright, I’m starting to get a little traction now. I knew the Hawkeyes were hollowed out somehow after their epic run last year. Penn State wins by 27 and covers. 2-4 / 41-40

#10 Nebraska @ #6 Ohio State – Ohio State is favored by 17-points but they win by 16 and do not cover. The Huskers got absolutely corn-holed by the Bucknuts. I didn’t think the Buckeyes had the heart but I was very wrong. I didn’t factor in the Shoe. Ohio State wins by 59 and covers. 2-5 / 41-41

I’m sick and I feel terrible and now I’m staring at this dumpster fire of a week. There is a lot of sadness in the world and a sizable percentage is right here on my lonely blog. I still love the Spartans and I love the B1G, but when does the one set of footprints in the sand part start? I’m dyeing here!

Go B1G!


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