Michigan State 27, Illinois 31; The Spartans are 2-7, 0-6 in the B1G.


This season is just world-class terrible. It’s really got me down. I’ve been sick with some kind of super-cold since Thursday and losing to the Illini on Saturday just set me back and extended my suffering. I honestly feel like I am literally (really, literally) suffering this year. Woe is me.

1982. That was the last time MSU lost seven in a row on their way to a 2-9 season. This is the level of trrrrrble we are dealing with. This is a historically significant trrrrrble season. Embrace it.

But is my optimism, my spirit, my enthusiasm faltering? Hells no. I’m a Spartan goddamit, and I’ll fight for the only colors until the bitter end. I’m the mutherfucker that thinks we can still beat Ohio State. It will be classic, MSU will beat Ohio State, and then Ohio State will beat Michigan. Classic everybody loses scenario. Bet on it. Go GREEN!!!

Enough of my craziness, let’s recap briefly…

  • Ouch, everyone is getting hurt… who’s going to suit up next week?
  • Ouch, everyone is committing penalties… who’s going to shoot themselves in the foot next week?
  • The line play continues to be poor, and it’s not going to change at this point. MSU can’t compete with consistency up front on either side and therefore they face an uphill battle in every game.
  • We are legally no longer allowed to call this a Spartan Defense. The new and preferred term is Michigan State non-offense. Perhaps the staff got lax or maybe it’s a confluence of many factors but no matter how you analyze it, this is a problem.
  • The MSU non-defense had zero sacks, no picks, no fumble recoveries, nothing that would flip the script or shift momentum. They were able to keep both the passing and rushing yards fairly low at 140 and 164 respectively, but that doesn’t mean much when you can’t keep your opponent from scoring.
  • The Spartan offense was inconsistent, able to move the ball methodically for a time and then incapable of anything positive in the blink of an eye. I put in on the o-line, they could not consistently do the job up front.
  • O’Connor started at QB and had okay stats going 23-35 for 265 yards, but no TDs. It’s that last part: No TDs. Cousins could score. Cook could score. Something about O’Connor, he can’t score. He’s got all of the skills and tons of experience, but is apparently lacking the will to create a win. Terry was up and down with flashes of WTF and OMG in equal measure. That scrambling TD pass to RJ was sweet.
  • Gerald Holmes ran with fury. He fought hard for yards and kept churning until he was on the ground. He only rushed for 78 yards and a TD, but the effort was exceptional.
  • RJ Shelton put in a magnificent performance also with seven catches for 80 yards and a TD. There is a ton of fight and a will to win in this guy.
  • And Michael Geiger went four for four on FGs. Nice work Geigs, that’s how you do it.

Next up for the Spartans is the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers in East Lansing. I expect a poor crowd turnout and a very Junior Varsity level game. The Spartans should knock the living tar out of this Knights squad, but who knows this year. Then we wrap up the season with the Buckeyes at home the Nittany Lions on road. Bold statement: MSU wins two of these last three games.



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