2016 Week #11 Picks.

41 and 41 is straight up 50%. My goal of 60% is out of reach so we’ll just stop talking about that. New goal: Over 50%. Very do-able.

Let’s wango this tango…

Rutgers @ Michigan State – Noon on BTN. It’s going to be cold, under-attended and pointless, but it’s still Spartan football and I goddam love it. I know we’re running out of QBs, but please don’t burn deWeaver’s red-shirt on this lackluster season. The Spartans have the better stats, home field, and the better team, so I believe they break the losing streak and snag their first B1G win of the season. Michigan State is favored by 14-points and they win by 10 and do not cover. Go GREEN!!!

#10 Penn State @ Indiana – Noon on ABC / ESPN-2. These teams are trending in opposite directions. The Hoosiers just barely beat the Scarlet Knights while the Lions pounded the heck out of the Hawkeyes last week. Even on the road, I see Franklin’s boys taking care of business. Penn State is favored by 6.5-points but they win by 17 and cover.

Northwestern @ Purdue – Noon on BTN. The Cats are on a bit of a skid but they just got through the toughest part of their schedule. The Boilermakers are doing their best to be competitive and they do have a B1G win, which is nice. Northwestern is a 13.5-point favorite and they win by 10 and do not cover.

Illinois @ #7 Wisconsin – 3:30pm on ESPN-2. Coming off the win in East Lansing, the Illini will be shocked to face a credible defensive line and it will change everything. I worry that the Badgers could shut them out. Wisconsin is favored by 26.5-points and they win by 32 and cover.

#5 Ohio State @ Maryland – 3:30pm on ESPN. Urbz is clawing and scratching his way in to the final four, but it’s all going to come down to The Game. I don’t see him tripping up on his way unless it’s a big OOPS against MSU (Go GREEN!!!). The Terps really let me down last week against the Warbaughrines, and I will not forgive them for it. I’ll be picking against them for the remainder of the year. Ohio State is a 28.5-point favorite and they win by 42 and cover.

Minnesota @ #19 Nebraska – 7:30pm on BTN. Damn Huskers, you got embarrassed last week. I’m really shocked that you are still ranked. But no your back at home and maybe you can find some redemption against the Gophers. Speaking of, the Gophers are 7-2 but they have maybe the softest schedule in the B1G so don’t be fooled. I think the butt-hurt Cornhuskers make amends. Nebraska is favored by 7-points but they win by 17 and cover.

#3 Michigan @ Iowa – 8:00pm on ABC. I hate Michigan. I would love, love, LOVE for them to get embarrassed on primetime network TV against a mediocre Hawkeyes squad. Oh, how that would be sweet. But stop dreaming, that’s not happening. Even if we give Iowa three points for home field, they’re still going to get blown out. The Warbaughrines are really good and they are rolling with a full head of smarmy steam. God how I loath them. Michigan is favored by 21.5-points and they win by 35 and cover.

There you have it, a full B1G slate. Everyone plays. Every game is important, some more so than others. Anything can happen and maybe this is one of those crazy weeks? You never know. I’m looking at you Iowa, make it happen!

Go B1G!


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