2016 Week #11 Winners, Losers and the Point Spread.


We’re nearing the end of the season and team are looking to win divisions, or get bowl eligible if possible. For some, that ship has already sailed. But college football, and B1G football more specifically, is fun and every week is a joy to behold. My picks this week, well who really cares at this point. Let’s see how shit fell out…


Rutgers @ Michigan State – Michigan State is favored by 14-points and they win by 10 and do not cover. I’ve never been happier to get a pick wrong. The Spartans dominated the Knights and I enjoyed the heck out of it. Michigan State wins by 49 and easily covers. 0-1 / 41-42

#10 Penn State @ Indiana – Penn State is favored by 6.5-points but they win by 17 and cover. It took 24 fourth quarter points to make it happen but the Lions came away with the win on what was a back-and-forth game through three quarters. Penn State wins by 14 and covers. 1-1 / 42-42

Northwestern @ Purdue – Northwestern is a 13.5-point favorite and they win by 10 and do not cover. This was the classic tale of two halves and the Boilermakers where in it until halftime, and then it was all Cats. Northwestern wins by 28 and covers. 1-2 / 42-43

Illinois @ #7 Wisconsin – Wisconsin is favored by 26.5-points and they win by 32 and cover. The Badgers are steady-rolling and the Illini barely beat a struggling Spartan squad, so I felt pretty confident that Wiscy would roll. Wisconsin wins by 45 and easily covers. 2-2 / 43-43

#5 Ohio State @ Maryland – Ohio State is a 28.5-point favorite and they win by 42 and cover. The Bucks are peaking at the right time (bad new for us next week) and the Terps are fading as they are wont to do. I just smelled a blowout here. Ohio State wins by 59 and easily covers. 3-2 / 44-43

Minnesota @ #19 Nebraska – Nebraska is favored by 7-points but they win by 17 and cover. It’s tough to predict if the Huskers or Gophers will be good or lackluster on any given Saturday, and on this one, if appears the Huskers had just enough. Nebraska wins by seven and pushes. 3-2 / 44-43

#3 Michigan @ Iowa – Michigan is favored by 21.5-points and they win by 35 and cover. There are times when I’m happy to be wrong and this is one of them. You know I can not stand Michigan and I think Harbaugh is the Trump of B1G coaches; what a tool. As much as I wanted the Warbaughrines to lose, I was pretty confident that they would win and romp at that. I was wrong. There is a God. Michigan loses by one and does not cover. 3-3 / 44-44

This was a crazy day of football. MSU finally broke that horrible losing streak, that’s good news. Michigan finally saw and end to their horrible winning streak, that’s also good news. Oddly, there is a three-way tie at the top of the B1G and Penn State seems to be in the best position. Who would have thunk it. There are still two weeks to go so let’s not start screen-printing t-shirts just yet. But one thing we can do, we can always remember to…

Go B1G!


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