2016 Week #12 Winners, Losers and the Point Spread.


Second to last week and everyone is fighting hard to beat rivals, get into a bowl, make the playoffs, etc. Got to love B1G football.  I’m straight up 44/44 and 50% coming in so let’s see how the cookie crumbles…


#2 Ohio State @ Michigan State – Ohio State is a 21.5-point favorite but they lose by three in OT (Geigs!) and do not cover. Oh so many ifs. What if we MSU didn’t go for two?What if we ran the ball more? What if the play calling was less obvious in the second and third quarters? My pick was really close to what almost happened. Ohio State wins by one an does not cover. 1-0 / 45-44

Iowa @ Illinois – Iowa is a 9.5-point favorite but they lose by seven and don’t cover. Well shit, I can’t predict what the Hawkeyes will do week to week, they are so up and down. Apparently they were up this week and the Illini are pretty much butt sore. Iowa wins by 28 and certainly covers. 1-1 / 45-45

Maryland @ #18 Nebraska – Nebraska is favored by 13.5-points and they win by 17 and cover. The Terps seem to be fading after showing up in the middle of the season. And the Huskers are giving it their all and trying to make a name for themselves again. Nebraska wins by 21 and covers. 2-1 / 46-45

#7 Wisconsin @ Purdue – Wisconsin is favored by 28-points and they win by 38 and cover. Wow, he BMers put up 20 points against he Badgers, I didn’t see that coming. But still, it wasn’t enough. Wisconsin wins by 29 and just covers. 3-1 / 47-45

Indiana @ #3 Michigan – Michigan is a 24-point favorite but they win by 27 and cover. God how I hate Michigan. And they always do the opposite of what I predict so I picked them covering hoping that they would not only not cover, but that they would lose again. Half right. Michigan wins by 10 and does not cover. 3-2 / 47-46

Northwestern @ Minnesota – Northwestern is favored by 2.5-points but they lose by three and do not cover. This one was a tough pick but my gut told me the Gophers would be golden and win at home on a cold November evening. I was right. Northwestern loses by 17 and doesn’t over. 4-2 / 48-46

#8 Penn State @ Rutgers – Penn State is favored by 28-points and they win by 39 and cover. BINGO! Nailed this one. Nice work Lions, see you next week. Penn State wins by 39 and covers. 5-2 / 49-46

5-2 this week is much better than I’ve been doing. It doesn’t make up for a Michigan State loss, but it softens it ever so slightly.

Next week is the last week of the regular season and then it’s Indy, bowling, and finally, playoffs. That takes us through almost mid-January 2017, but for some of us (Spartans), next week is it for the year. Perpaps a blessing. I wish the best for all of the B1G squads with the exception of Michigan whom I loath. Get out there and win everyone but Michigan, and always remember to…

Go B1G!


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