Michigan State 23, Michigan 32; The Spartans are 2-6, 0-5 in the B1G.


Over the course of last week I accepted the fact that the Spartans are having a bad year and the Warbaughrines are having a great year. Once I accepted that reality, I understood that there is no reason getting upset with the inevitable outcome. This doesn’t mean that I gave up on my boys, hardly. Hell, I rooted my ass off and pulled as hard as a fan can pull for them to win. But I didn’t allow myself to get angry or riled-up when UM did something good or a call went there way. Looking back, it was a fun day of football and I didn’t come away in a terrible mood or a week-long funk or any of that over-the-top fan shit.

Well, let’s have a quick look…

  • The offense was almost good enough. Three TDs and a FG was good for 23 points which is more than most against this defense. But three trips inside the 10-yard line with no TDs, plus a missed FG and a missed two-point conversion. Too many points left off the board. Solid almost.
  • Three QBs went 13/28 for 184 yards, two TDs and a pick. O’Connor has his moments but it’s clear that he’s not special. Cousins was special, Maxwell was not. Cook was special. O’Connor is not. But was about Lewerke? More upside than O’Connor, much better scrambler and runner, inconsistent in terms of accuracy, but will benefit from more experience. Are all three of these guys banged up now?
  • Receiver corps did their best  with RJ Shelton, LJ Scott, Josiah Price and Monty Madaris making things happen. Donny Corley changed numbers didn’t he? That was throwing me for a while. Overall, I didn’t really see any dropped passes so good job skill position players.
  • Give it up for LJ Scott and his 139 yards and a TD. Hard, tough running when the blocking was not good, and explosive when the blocking was okay. Nice job Larry. Overall, 42 carries for 217 yards, those are solid rushing numbers against the #1 defense in the land.
  • The defense has been a bigger problem than the offense this year, and although they played better than they have all year, it was still a problem. Michigan threw for 244 yards (no TDs) and ran for 192 yards and three TDs. Amara Darboh had a great day with eight catches for 165 yards, and half of those were amazing hauls in tight coverage. I’m happy to see him ship out to the NFL.
  • Fucking Jabril Peppers, I kind of hate that dude. Yes, he’s a freak athlete of the rarest kind. I do feel like the Spartans did a good job minimizing his impact. He was a serious threat throughout the game but he wasn’t a game-changer like Darboh. Anyway, go pro Peppers, we don’t need to see you again next year.
  • Apparently the Spartan fans were chanting “Fuck Jim Harbarugh”. I don’t agree with chanting that but I do agree with the thought. Not very classy but it clearly expresses the way I feel about Harbs. His new glasses look ridiculous on him, he can’t pull that look off. Harbaugh is not cool, has never been cool and will never be cool, so why try and pull off “cool” glasses? And good Lord, get them adjusted so you don’t have to keep pushing them up index finger to bridge of the frames every few minutes like a total spaz. From his Evil Dead jaw to his yellow teeth to his pleated then not-pleated khakis to his cleats to his Faux Bo hat and sweater, he’s just a

    characteture. He’s a good coach but he’s also a total clown. Mark my words, he either leaves for the NFL or he leaves Michigan in disgrace within five years.

  • Last point, why the two point conversion. Totally puzzling. There is no time left so this doesn’t really matter, but if mathematically there is still a chance, you need to do everything possible to win, right? So, with one second left MSU is down by seven and has a PAT attempt before kicking off to UM. If they make a kick, the lead drops to six. If they make the two-pointer, it drops to five. Either way, you need a TD on the kickoff and a PAT for the win for the former. So why go for two? It does nothing except having a lower success percentage meaning there is a higher chance that the Spartans don’t make it and now we need a TD and PAT just to tie, all off of the kickoff. Of course, it all backfired when MSU fumbled the pitch and Peppers ran it back for a two-point score. Someone explain this one to me, please.

Okay, Michigan week is behind us, Paul Bunyan is living in Ann Arbaugh for the year (sorry Paul) and Michigan fans get bragging rights for a year. Done and done.

Oh yeah, thanks for wearing the green pants, the all green is my favorite uniform combo.

Looking ahead the Spartans travel to Illinois next week for a Noon game. Officially, they need to win out to become bowl eligible. It’s possible but not probable. I do want a win next week and the following week vs. Rutgers. Bases on how MSU played this week, there is no reason why they can’t put away these two squads, but if you look at the record you could say it’s anybodies ballgame. And who is going to be under center?




2016 Week #9 Winners, Losers and the Point Spread.


Lot’s off good games this week. Let’s dive in and see how my picks did…


#2 Michigan @ Michigan State – Michigan is a 24.5-point favorite but they lose by three and do not cover. Once I adjusted my expectations and decided to enjoy watching football again, this became a pretty fun game to watch. I’m proud of the Spartans for how hard they played and I think it’s now clear that Michigan is very beatable. Michigan wins by nine and does not cover. 1-0 / 36-34

Minnesota @ Illinois – Minnesota is a 9-point favorite but they win by three and do not cover. Well there you are Gophers, nice to see you show up. I didn’t expect to see you. Minnesota wins by 23 and covers. 1-1 / 36-35

#24 Penn State @ Purdue – Penn State is a 13-point favorite but they win by 17 and cover. Now this one I expected. The Lions have been steadily getting better all season and the Boilermakers are still the Boilermakers. Penn State wins by 38 and covers. 2-1 / 37-35

Maryland @ Indiana – Indiana is favored by 3.5-points but lose by seven and don’t cover. I was thinking this game would be fun to watch, but then I didn’t watch it. The Hoosiers scored 13 points in three of the quarters, what’s that all about? Indiana wins by six and covers. 2-2 / 37-36

Northwestern @ #6 Ohio State – Ohio State is favored by 27-points but they win by 24 and do not cover. The Cats have come a long way this season and I have to applaud the level of improvement. The Buckeyes seem beatable now. Urbz and Fitz! Ohio State wins by four and does not cover. 3-2 / 38-36

#7 Nebraska @ #11 Wisconsin – Wisconsin is favored by 9-points but they win by seven and don’t cover. This red vs. red match-up had to be a defensive battle and for the most part it was. It went to OT and if the Badger kickers hadn’t shanked his OT PAT I would have hit this one right on the nose. Wisconsin wins by six and doesn’t cover. 4-2 / 39-36

Four and two is certainly better than I did last week. But 39-36 is only 52% leaving my goal of 60% less and less likely. Oh well, that’s the way this season has rolled and I’m done fighting it. It was a fun Saturday of football. The weather was perfect, I grilled out, I drank beer, watch the games on the screened-in porch, etc. It was pretty awesome even if my boys lost to the bad guys. I need to remember to enjoy football and stop taking it all so seriously. And let’s always remember to…

Go B1G!


2016 Week #9 Picks.

Let’s skip the intro, I’m 35-34 so I don’t deserve to wax on. This season has me on the ropes.

Let’s squeeze this toothpaste…

#2 Michigan @ Michigan State – Noon on ESPN. You think they’ll show that video from last year. Hells yeah they will. I hope that’s not the best part of the game. State is mad. State is pissed. State can win if they can harness that. Oh, how I hate Michigan. Michigan is a 24.5-point favorite but they lose by three and do not cover. Go GREEN!!!

Minnesota @ Illinois – Noon on BTN. In Champagne, I’m guessing this game is closer than the Gophers would like it to be. It’s going to be a beautiful day and maybe Lovie Smith gets his boys fired up. Minnesota is a 9-point favorite but they win by three and do not cover.

#24 Penn State @ Purdue – Noon on ABC / ESPN-2. For the amount of yards the Boilermakers are getting, they sure aren’t putting up enough points. They just can’t seem to finish. The Lions seem to be getting a little better each week and I think they roll in to Ross-Ade and light it up.  Penn State is a 13-point favorite but they win by 17 and cover.

Maryland @ Indiana – 3:30 on ESPN-U. Both of these teams of pretty exciting offenses, and meh defenses. This could be the shootout of the weekend. I kind of like the Terps running game as the difference maker. Indiana is favored by 3.5-points but lose by seven and don’t cover.

Northwestern @ #6 Ohio State – 3:30pm on ESPN. I don’t think the Buckeyes lose two games this year, and not to the Wildcats. But I don’t think the Bucks run away with it either. Ohio State is favored by 27-points but they win by 24 and do not cover.

#7 Nebraska @ #11 Wisconsin – 7:00pm on ESPN. Man, ESPN is all B1G this weekend, and only one game on BTN. The Huskers are heading to Camp Randall, and that’s not a friendly place. And the Huskers haven’t really been tested. If the Badger offense was a little more threatening, this would be an easier pick. Wisconsin is favored by 9-points but they win by seven and don’t cover.

Alright, six games locked and loaded. Byes this week are Rutgers and Iowa. Biggest upset: Michigan-Michigan State. Most fun: Maryland-Indiana. Biggest battle: Nebraska-Wisconsin. Good luck to everyone this weekend, and let’s always remember to…

Go B1G!





Michigan Week.


Hey, you. Yeah, you. It’s Michigan week.

Are you fired up?

It’s easy to stand proud when your team is nationally ranked and winning all of the time. And we’ve enjoyed that stature recently, but this year is not that. Far from it.

Now is the time to show your true colors, the only colors. Now is the time to be a Spartan.

Growing up in the 1970s and 1980s in Michigan, most kids were Michigan fans. Those kids made the choice to be Michigan fans because it was popular, and Michigan was popular because they won. Hell, they’ve won more football games than any other college football team. I get it. I get it, it was safe, it was popular, hell it was downright expected. It was simply not for me.

Maybe 1% actually attended the UofM, but that’s okay. Yes, there is something distinctly sad about a person who roots for the University of Michigan but attended Central Michigan or Albion or Northwood or Oakland Community College. Next time you see a Michigan fan all decked out, ask them where they attended college. You’ll be shocked. The answer is almost never Michigan. They get a little angry too. No one like being called out.

Michigan alum and students, you earned the right to be Michigan fans. Good on you. No ill will from me. You got in, did the work, paid the price and earned it. Sing that fight song loud. For those of you who have parents that graduated from Michigan, you get a pass too, I guess, but your still kind of sad. Come on, live your own life, make up your own mind, step up.

Because most Michigan fans are really just poseurs clinging to the maize and blue in a desperate attempt at unfulfilled pre-teen security or popularity, they end up lacking any real depth in terms of support for their team. They shrink and cease to exist when the going gets tough. Between the RichRod and Hoke debacles, they were very quiet. But now Harbaugh is here and everyone is hailing their victors and building cases to hold national championship trophies. The fans are louder and more arrogant as if to make up for lost time.

Spartans, let’s not be like that. Let’s keep it level. Let’s enjoy the winning years with enthusiasm and joy, but let’s stand behind our school in the lean years with pride and support. Let’s never shrink. Let’s never blow hard. Let’s never be like, well, Michigan.

Michigan State is 2-5, 0-4 in the B1G. This is as down of a down year as you can have without being winless. We did beat Notre Dame, but that isn’t worth all that much this year. And yet I still hold hope and optimism that we can beat Michigan.

We’ve won with inferior teams before. We’ve spoiled their perfect records before. We’ve got problems and we’ve got issues, but we’ve also got talent and we’ve got passion. We have 75,000 Spartan fans in Spartan Stadium and hundreds of thousand Spartan fans around the country. Real fans. Honest fans. Spartans.

I hope the guys fly out of the tunnel on Saturday. I hope they are barely able to stand still on the side lines. I hope they have a little blood in the eye as they take the field in the second half. It won’t be easy, but that’s why it’s worthwhile.

It wasn’t easy being a Michigan State fan all those years of my youth, but that is why it was worthwhile.

Go GREEN!!! Beat Michigan.


Michigan State 17, Maryland 28; The Spartans are 2-5, 0-4 in the B1G.


That’s five games in a row. The last time MSU had five losses in a row was 1991. That was 25 years ago. I remember what those days feel like so this is bad but not unprecedented. For those younger Spartan fans, this is probably devastating. Don’t worry, this season will end and new, better seasons will come. Remember that sometimes your faith is rewarded (last ten years for the most part) and sometimes your faith is test (my entire youth). Just so you know, this is the test part and yes, it’s way less fun than the reward part.

So, about that game…

  • Riley Bullough, love the passion but please don’t completely disconnect your brain. 45 yards of personal fouls and a targeting ejection all in the first 11 minutes. Now you know where the line is. Get right up to the line but try not to cross the line next versus the Warbaughrines.
  • Cook hurt is foot is the deal? That stinks. Lewerke isn’t bad but certainly wasn’t great either. He botched some critical throws to open receivers and ended up 11/24 for 156 yards and a pick. I will say this, he’s sneaky fast when running the ball. He picked up 79 yards on the ground.
  • LJ Scott reappeared after being invisible in the last two games. Scott had 20 carries for 128 yards and a TD. The o-line was on and off, but when they were even kind of on, the running game was on too. Also, on his 48-yard TD run (awesome), the line opened no hole and Scott slid around to pick up some yardage. Maybe that was schemed that way or maybe LJ is tired of running in to a wall of blockers. I’ve been begging for a running back to improvise and find some running room instead of just sprinting headfirst in to a moshpit of big-uglies.
  • Only three receivers came away with receptions: Shelton, Lyles and Madaris. Madaris fumbled on his so we shouldn’t ever really count it. Is this a Lewerke thing, that he can only find a few guys? Or was it just the way it worked out?
  • Maryland was very beat-able. The cold hard fact is that Michigan State is much more beat-able.
  • Miss opportunities in the form of red zone turn-overs, inconsistent line play, dropped coverage, dumb penalties and a few questionable calls not going our way all adds up to a loss.
  • Play calling was okay. I know folks are going to harp on fake FG attempt right before the half. I’ve always said you’re a genius when they work and an idiot when they don’t. Dantonio was looking for a spark and a successful trick play would have been just that. But it wasn’t.

So, let’s all face the light and just cal this season lost. There will be no bowl this year and that streak is over. But it will all be okay if we can just do one thing. The Spartans can beat the Wolverines. They can. They’ve done it with worst MSU teams against better Michigan teams. It’s will, it’s anger, it’s passion, it’s sheer force that can carry the day. We will know where MSU’s head is at by the way they come out of the tunnel and how pumped they are on the sidelines. If they are whipped up in fearsome pogo of energy, well then by God they can win.

Hey, how about busting out the green pants. Just for me.

Beat Michigan and all is well in the world.



2016 Week #8 Winners, Losers and the Point Spread.

Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 7.05.06 AM.png

Coming in at 33/29 so I need some wins today. I don’t know why I expect to do better, I haven’t changed up anything. I’m not doing more research or following experts. Nope, I just do the minimum amount of looking at the teams and then shoot from the hip. Sometimes I hit my foot.

Okay, let’s get in to the match-ups.

Rutgers @ Minnesota – Minnesota is a 19-point favorite and they win by 20 and cover. Oh Gophers, how could you? You’re not very golden on this day. It took a last second FG to win this one. Against Rutgers. Yes, Rutgers. Sheesh. Minnesota wins by two and does not cover. 0-1 / 33-30

#10 Wisconsin @ Iowa – Wisconsin is favored by 4.5-points but they win by seven and cover. The Hawkeyes never scored a TD. It’s not the Badgers offense was romping either. Classic B1G defensive battle just like the good old days. Wisconsin wins by eight and covers. 1-1 / 34-30

Indiana @ Northwestern – Northwestern if a 2.5-point favorite but they win by 10 and cover. Bingo, I nailed this one. On. The. Nose. Bam! Nice job Wildcats. Northwestern wins by 10 and covers. 2-1 / 35-30

Illinois @ #3 Michigan – Michigan is a 39-point favorite but they win by 51 and cover. Of course Harbaugh and the Wolverines didn’t cover. Fucking hate Michigan. Michigan wins by 33 and does not cover. 2-2 / 35-31

Purdue @ #8 Nebraska – Nebraska is a 24-point favorite and they win by 27 an cover. Really Nebraska, that was not your a good showing. You’re #8 in the country and you are down to the Boilermakers at the half? At least you won in the end. Nebraska wins by 13 and does not cover. 2-3 / 35-32

#2 Ohio State @ Penn State – Ohio State is a 19.5-point favorite and they win by 21 and cover. Wow, what an upset. The Lions score 17 in the fourth and the Bucks score zilch. Welcome to the club Penn State, you are one of two B1G schools to beat Urbz’ Ohio State squad. Ohio State loses by three and does not cover. 2-4 / 35-33

Michigan State @ Maryland – Michigan State is favored by three but they win by a score and cover. Just kill me. Please. Fuck. Michigan State loses (again) by 11 and does not cover. 2-5 / 35-34

This season is really sucking the very life from my soul. What is up with the world. My picks are terrible and MSU is terrible. I’ll continue to make my picks and pull for the B1G (except for Michigan, I hate Michigan), but this is really getting difficult. Talk about a down year. Damn. Oh well, I’ll try to muster some enthusiasm and remember to…

Go B1G!


2016 Week #8 Picks.

I ended up 3/3 last week, and that’s kind of like kissing your sister. I’m sitting at 33/29 or 53%, so my 60% goal is getting less and less likely. But who knows, maybe this is my week. Maybe I dominate these picks and maybe, just maybe, Michigan State wins a game. I can hardly recall what that feels like.

Okay, let’s dance this mess around…

Rutgers @ Minnesota – Noon on ESPN-U. The Knights continue to struggle. The Gophers have some challenges but they won’t really matter in this one I don’t think. Minnesota is a 19-point favorite and they win by 20 and cover.

#10 Wisconsin @ Iowa – Noon on ESPN. On paper, this is a good game. My gut say Iowa is shaking and lacking confidence. Home field is worth three points probably, but I think they need more than that. Wisconsin is favored by 4.5-points but they win by seven and cover.

Indiana @ Northwestern – Noon on BTN. Why this one isn’t on ESPN-U is beyond me. The Hoosiers are playing pretty well and can move the ball when they’re clicking. The Wildcats got off to a slow start but they’ve found their way for the most part lately. I see NW’s offense being the difference maker. Northwestern if a 2.5-point favorite but they win by 10 and cover.

Illinois @ #3 Michigan – 3:30 on BTN. As much as I hate their smarmy asses, the Wolverines are a good squad this year. The Illini aren’t in the same league, but they are getting better it seems. The question is whether Harbaugh goes all dick-face shit-heel on them or not. Probably will. Michigan is a 39-point favorite but they win by 51 and cover.

Purdue @ #8 Nebraska – 3:30pm on ABC / ESPN-2. In Lincoln, the Boilermakers get shanked, no question. Is it merciful or is it asinine? I think more the former. Nebraska is a 24-point favorite and they win by 27 an cover.

#2 Ohio State @ Penn State – 8:00pm on ABC. The Lions have already lost to Pitt and lost big to Michigan, so why would we think that anything different will occur in this game? Well, the game is in Happy Valley, so that helps a bit. Ohio State is a 19.5-point favorite and they win by 21 and cover.

Michigan State @ Maryland – 8:00pm on BTN. Basically, this is a toss-up. The Spartans are having a dreadful season and they’re losing the battle up front (both ways) with just about everyone. The Terps are, well, just being the Terps. But the game is in Maryland. Michigan State is favored by three but they win by a score and cover. Go GREEN!!!

Everyone covers? Oh God, I’m dead.

Go B1G!



2016 Week #8 Rankings & Ramblings.


The Bucks and the Harbaughs are having a drag race near the top, Bucky is in the slalom course and the Huskers are semi-ballistic. Just your standard day in the life of the B1G in the Top10.

Ohio State remains at #2. Again.

Michigan bumps up a tick on a bye week with #3 Clemson almost losing to NC State and dropping to #4.

Nebraska move up to #8 from #10 after beating Indiana.

Wisconsin drops from #8 to #10 after losing to Ohio State in OT.

In the Almost-but-not-quite-ranked we have Iowa at #33. Still four B1G squads in the Top10. Also, it doesn’t look like anyone else in the B1G is poised to make a push to get ranked.

In terms of B1G standings, here are how things are looking this week:

East Division

Michigan 3-0 1.000 6-0 1.000 5-0 1-0 0-0 W6
Ohio State 3-0 1.000 6-0 1.000 4-0 2-0 0-0 W6
Penn State 2-1 0.667 4-2 0.667 4-0 0-2 0-0 W2
Maryland 1-2 0.333 4-2 0.667 2-1 2-1 0-0 L2
Indiana 1-2 0.333 3-3 0.500 2-2 1-1 0-0 L2
Michigan State 0-3 0.000 2-4 0.333 1-3 1-1 0-0 L4
Rutgers 0-4 0.000 2-5 0.286 2-3 0-2 0-0 L4


West Division

Nebraska 3-0 1.000 6-0 1.000 4-0 2-0 0-0 W6
Iowa 3-1 0.750 5-2 0.714 2-2 3-0 0-0 W2
Northwestern 2-1 0.667 3-3 0.500 1-3 2-0 0-0 W2
Minnesota 1-2 0.333 4-2 0.667 3-1 1-1 0-0 W1
Wisconsin 1-2 0.333 4-2 0.667 2-1 1-1 1-0 L2
Purdue 1-2 0.333 3-3 0.500 2-2 1-1 0-0 L1
Illinois 1-2 0.333 2-4 0.333 1-3 1-1 0-0 W1

If the B1G Championship game was being held this week, it would be Michigan or Ohio State vs. Nebraska.

Go B1G!






Michigan State 40, Northwestern 54; The Spartans are 2-4, 0-3 in the B1G.

Kill me now. This season brings me back to my childhood in the 70s and 80s when the Spartans were mostly bad and could lose most any game. They also could beat a #1 ranked Ohio State or Michigan team just by sheer will, anger and adrenaline. Those were crazy times and it was tough being a Spartan fan surrounded by Wolverine fans and Buckeye fans not to mention Irish fans. Yes, I know this feeling. I haven’t felt it in long while. Maybe, in the end, it’s good that this is happening. Some kind of character building dealio, but the fall is painful as hell.

Michigan State lost to Northwestern on a beautiful October afternoon; homecoming no less. If you put 40 points on the Wildcats, you should win that game handily. The Spartans lost by two scores. That brings me to my first and biggest point:

  • This is by far the worst Spartan defense we have seen in over a decade. This is the most points the Spartans have allowed since 2003. The defense couldn’t get off the field allowing the Wildcats over 35-minutes of possession and 26 first downs.
  • Northwestern threw for 281 yards and three TDs, and ran for 209 yards and three TDs with only one turnover (a gorgeous pick-six I’ll add). They won the battle of front on most plays which allowed their skill players to do what they do effectively. MSU couldn’t shut down the run and they couldn’t shut down the pass either.
  • Michigan State’s offense was one-dimensional with 424 pass yards and four TDs, but only 51 rushing yards and zero TDs. It was great to see Lewerke in action and he came out strong, but then sputtered. It was just the right motivation for O’Connor who played remarkably well going 13/21 for 281 yards, three TDs and one INT.
  • The biggest issue on both sides of the ball is our line play. We are losing the battle in the trenches and it’s not subtle, it’s obvious. The running game is not happening because there are no holes, there is no blocking. The pressure on the Spartan QBs is huge as the Cats had four sacks and six TFLs. On defense, MSU can’t hold the line even with Malik imposing his will up front. One man cannot do it alone. Injuries aren’t helping, that much is obvious. I don’t know if it’s toughness or technique, but it’s bad and it is dooming the Spartans.
  • Special teams allowed a punt return for a TD. That can’t happen. Not only is that points on the board but it’s a huge momentum killer and a mega shot in the arm for the opposing team. Geiger was 2/2 which was nice. Hartbarger looked mostly good. Cronin… what the hell. And Sowards, when you receive a punt, standing in one place and juking left and right is never, ever going to work. Pick the best angle and run your ass off.
  • Penalties, still. Not as bad, but still bad.
  • That’s four losses in a row. Four in a row. That’s never happened to Coach Dantonio before. Ever. This is bad. For real bad.

Next up, a road game at Maryland. The Terps are 4-2 with losses to Penn State and Minnesota and they are better on the ground than in the air. The Spartans will scheme to bottle up the run first and foremost. I’m confident that TO’C will start.

As I said last week and the week before, let’s reset. New expectations are needed. Here is my priority list for the Spartans for 2016:

  1. Beat Michigan
  2. Get bowl eligible
  3. Get a little better each week (especially the O and D lines)

Do these three things and I’ll be a happy Spartan. One more game to get our shit together before we host the Wolverines, so let’s work on #3 or #1 will be impossible.



2016 Week #7 Winners, Losers and the Point Spread.


I made my picks and I felt semi-good about them. After watching a few games yesterday, I feel not-very-go0d-at-all. I’m sitting at 30-26 or 54% which means I need to do much better and making shit picks ain’t gonna get me there. Maybe I’m just bitter because my boys in green are in the shitter. Oh well, time to face the music…


Illinois @ Rutgers – Illinois is favored by 6-points and they win by seven and cover. The Knights are struggling and they find themselves being the worst team in the B1G. To help make the point, they were being shutout until a fourth quarter TD finally netted them some points. Illinois wins by 17 and covers. 1-0 / 31-26

Minnesota @ Maryland – Maryland is favored by 6.5-points and they win by 10 and cover. I thought that with Leidner being out the Gophers would sputter on offense, and they did in terms of passing but the ground game bailed them out. And the Terps turned the ball over four times. Ouch. Maryland loses by 21 and does not cover. 1-1 / 31-27

Iowa @ Purdue – Iowa is favored by 12-points but they win by 14 and cover. This got a little kooky in the fourth as the Hawkeyes had a 28-point lead and then allowed the Boilermakers to score 21. What’s up with that Iowa? No matter. Iowa wins by 14 (BINGO) and covers. 2-1 / 32-27

Northwestern @ Michigan State – Michigan State is favored by 4.5-points and they win by 14 and cover. It’s official, the Spartan defense is the worst it has been in over a decade. It’s the opposite problem that we had in 2012 and this defense is worse that that offense I think. They’re still my boys and I’ll keep picking ’em. Michigan State loses by 14 and does not cover. 2-2 / 32-28

#10 Nebraska @ Indiana – Nebraska is favored by 3-points but they win by 14 and cover. The Hoosiers  my be 3-3, but they are playing better football than I’ve seen them play in a while. Looks like the Huskers took their foot off the gas for the middle half of the game, but they got the win and held off the attack. Nebraska wins by five and covers. 3-2 / 33-28

#2 Ohio State @ #8 Wisconsin – Ohio State is favored by 10-points but they win by 14 and cover. The Badgers were playing such good defense and with just enough offense to lead most of the game. But then either the Wiscy defense got tired or the Bucknuts found their mojo because this thing went to OT. OSU had the momentum late and it carried over into OT for them. Ohio State wins by seven and does not cover. 3-3 / 33-29

Well, 50/50 is better than I expected. I got lucky on that Nebraska spread being so low. 50% certainly doesn’t help me progress though. I’m 33-29 or 53%, so I’m actually going down in percentage even though I was even on the week. Great! Well, there is always next week and alway remember to…

Go B1G!