2016 Week #12 Picks.

It’s the second to last week of the regular season and I’m straight up 44/44, or 50%. Oh well, let’s not cry over spilt milk.

Let’s baste this turkey…

#2 Ohio State @ Michigan State – Noon on ESPN. Seems like an advantage that the game is in East Lansing, but in the Urbz era the road team has won every time. Hmmm. Let’s break that trend, yeah. Ohio State is a 21.5-point favorite but they lose by three in OT (Geigs!) and do not cover. Go GREEN!!!

Iowa @ Illinois – Noon on BTN. You know that after beating Michigan (Thank you Hawkeyes, I love you), that Iowa will shit the bed and lose to Illinois, right? I’m not joking. Iowa is a 9.5-point favorite but they lose by seven and don’t cover.

Maryland @ #18 Nebraska – Noon on ESPN-News. The Terps can’t convert on third down, and that will doom any team. Neither of these teams are great but the Huskers are better and at home, it should be all Big Red. Don’t look for a blowout, but steady Huskers all day. Nebraska is favored by 13.5-points and they win by 17 and cover.

#7 Wisconsin @ Purdue – Noon on ABC. This is the primetime network noon game? Crazy. The Boilermakers can move the ball through the air, although they’re not as successful at putting it in the endzone. Their issue is going to be defense. The Badgers are going to pound the ball and the BMers will wear down and eventually fold. Wisconsin is favored by 28-points and they win by 38 and cover.

Indiana @ #3 Michigan – 3:30pm on ESPN. I hate Michigan. Now their starting QB is out, that’s great news. But damn that Peppers, why couldn’t he leave for the pros mid-season? I got my wish last week with the Hawkeyes, I just can’t imagine lightning striking twice in two weeks, but a boy can dream. Michigan is a 24-point favorite but they win by 27 and cover.

Northwestern @ Minnesota – 3:30pm on BTN. Wow, about anything damn thing could happen in this game. Being at home or on the road isn’t a great a plus or minus for either of these teams, so that doesn’t matter. The Wildcasts B1G wins are against teams with losing records, and the Gophers are 7-3. I think Minnie pulls out a close one. Northwestern is favored by 2.5-points but they lose by three and do not cover.

#8 Penn State @ Rutgers – 8:00pm on BTN. The Lions should romp all over the Knights, even in New Jersey. Nobody in New Jersey gives a shit about Rutgers football, so a home game, even at night, isn’t an advantage. Penn State is favored by 28-points and they win by 39 and cover.

Good luck everyone, especially MSU and Indiana.

Go B1G!




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