Michigan State 49, Rutgers 0; The Spartans are 3-7, 1-6 in the B1G.


So this is what a win feels like. It’s been so long I’d kind of forgotten. I’d forgotten how much fun it is watching football when your team plays well and dominates the entire game. I’m so damn happy that the losing streak is finally over. Nice shutout Spartans, I’m proud of you boys.

Some quick highlights and thoughts on the game…

  • Very happy to see a full house at Spartan Stadium. I predicted a poor turnout and I was wrong. Happy to be wrong. Spartans!
  • The line play was very, very much improved and it changed everything. The o-line enabled the running game and protected the QB to ignite the passing game. The d-line stopped the run and pressured the Knights on nearly every play. Kudos linemen, you boys deserve a big ole steak and some cold beers.
  • Tyler O’Connor played with a great sense of purpose going 10 of 15 for 141 yards and three TDs. No picks, no fumbles, no nothin’. Way more like Cousins and Cook, way less like Maxwell. Loved it.
  • LJ Scott, Madre London and Gerald Holmes all ran hard and got the first downs, extra yards after contact, second efforts, and yes, TDs that MSU needed. The Spartans ran for 277 yards on 50 carries with three TDs and no fumbles. So much fun.
  • The receiving corps was on-point as well, especially Josiah Price with with only three receptions for 13 yards, but two TDs. His non-TD catch was a first down, FYI. Nice to see Trishton Jackson make good with two catches for 67 yards and a TD, his first in college. RJ Shelton and Donnie Corley both did their parts and had some nice hauls as well. Dig it.
  • The defense was more Classic Michigan State than we have seen this year. More consistent. More fierce. They just got to the ball more quickly, tackled better and made few mistakes. The Spartans held the Knights to 40 yards passing and 109 yards rushing for a total of 149 yards of offense and no scores. And how about two picks too, one a beautiful pick-six. Slow clap!
  • Special teams were just fine too. Kickoffs were good. Punts were good. There were no FGs, so no worries there. And Geigs made all of his PATs. Cheers.

Nice win Spartans! Now you know what your are capable of. You can dominate. You can win. Yes, it was Rutgers who is the bottom feeder of the B1G, but you dominated them. I’m very happy with the play today.

Next up, Ohio State in East Lansing. The Spartans have beaten Urbz boys more than any other B1G squad and at home on a cold November afternoon, I think they could shock the world and do it again. I’m a believer. I’m not crazy, but I’ve seen crazier things happen. You’ve got to believe. You’ve got to want it more, and you’ve got to fight to get it.



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